48 Hours: Tokyo on $30/day

Christine Kaaloa
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People say Japan is expensive. It doesn't have to be. From Sumo wrestlers to fish markets, manga culture to capsule hotels,there’s a cool, but weird side to Tokyo culture. Hang on, because for the next 48 hours, we're going to hit the crazy racetrack of this fast and fun city!

Make the most of your trip to Tokyo in a budget friendly way and under $30/day

This Tokyo travel guidebook includes 60 pages of:

A List of Free Attractions and Directions

Cultural Insights

Budget Travel Survival Tips for Accommodations, Transportation Options, Eating Out

Budget & Travel Tips

General Travel Information for Japan

-2 day itinerary

-Offbeat, fun and quirky options

-Survival Phrases

- Hot Linked words or URLS that will direct you to maps, fellow pages or referenced external websites.  It will allow you to click your way through the guide with speed, so you don't have to scroll your way around.

Occasionally I update some of my guidebooks. If this eguide gets an upgrade, you'll be notified for a free download. Otherwise, there is another eguide I'm working on for Tokyo with all my YOuTube filming secrets. You may want to wait for it to come out.

IMPORTANT Note: Depending on your browser or viewer you have (i.e. I have a y Mac computer and iPhone), you might not be able to see the hot links (outlined in yellow), but they should still be there. The hot links are to aid speedier navigation through the book as well as to direct you to maps or external websites. If you see a direction to a website URL or a bolded word (not always but often), these can be hot links.

Watch my YouTube video guides above on some of the areas to visit in Tokyo:

Full Tokyo Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA37Qtq7ekc&list=PLgh7mnjEEcZ4Wj3p5YVJXDq4ChY_SIawm&index=4

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48 Hours: Tokyo on $30/day

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